Dirty Bombshell

Friday, July 15, 2016
11th Annual Frogs and Hogs
Amvets Post 153
306 Broad Street
Mokane, MO 65059
Contact Billy at (573) 220-2752
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Facebook events: Amvets   Dirty Bombshell

Dirty Bombshell (Facebook) plays 6-7pm.
Contagious (Facebook) plays 8-midnight.

Dirty Bombshell played 6:10-7pm.

Set list:
Van Halen Won
Walk of Shame
F# Me Pumps
Drinking of U.
R.E.D. Bikini
16 Sexteen
Take It Sleazy (♥ On)
Slut ♕ Queen

Not played:
The Mean Streets of Jersey County

Free admission!
Thank you Billy Spencer of Amvets
Rob, Darrell and the rest of Contagious.
Mike for great sound!

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