The band

Suckers for the rush of playing rock for a live audience, the members of Dirty Bombshell came together in 2013 for a one-show reunion of their high school 1980's hair-metal cover band.

At one rehearsal, between Poison and Mötley Crüe songs, a riff jam dropped into their laps their song Slut Queen ("the best AC/DC song since Thunderstruck") and opened up a songwriting spigot.

A little surprised and a lot inspired, they spent the next year and a half writing, honing and recording 15 hook-pop hard rock tracks.

Their debut album is the result.

Dirty Bombshell debut album cover. Copyright 2016 Bradley Neil. All rights reserved.

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The show

"Hook-pop hard rock band Dirty Bombshell will tear down the house with a raucous romp through the songs on their debut album. They'll leave your audience a sweaty, satisfied mess, wondering how in the world you found this hot new band. If your guests like bands like AC/DC and Roth-era Van Halen, they will go crazy for this stuff. Book this band quickly, before they go Hollywood, get inflated egos and decide they can't be bothered."
-- Gig Salad

Our standard set is 45 minutes, for which our fee is $500 plus travel expenses.

We can play for up to 75 minutes or as little as 20 minutes.

We can also arrange multi-band or band/DJ packages to provide up to 4 hours of entertainment.

To talent buyers with diverse audiences:
Our normal "nightclub" show is "rated R" for adult-theme lyrics and cursing. We can tone it down to PG-13 or PG if necessary.

Stage plot
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Stage plot

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Retailers carrying Dirty Bombshell
Siren Records, McHenry, IL (Facebook)
Reckless Records, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL (Facebook)


Blah Blah Music
"Illinois's Dirty Bombshell has got one helluva
vulgar pocket rocket with their debut album.
The music is pure hard rock, distilled like
strong and sloppy AC/DC moonshine."

"Highly sexual and very blatant."

Other mentions

Brooklyn Vegan

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Reckless Records

"Dirty rock'n'roll in the spirit of SLADE,
AC/DC and other hard-rockin' miscreants."

info [at] dirty bombshell band [dot] com

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Dirty Bombshell live at 300 State. Photo copyright 2016 J.D. All rights reserved.

Dirty Bombshell live at BAM Fest. Photo copyright 2016 Terry Murphy, Rock Heart Photography. All rights reserved.

Dirty Bombshell live at 300 State. Photo copyright 2016 Mary Brewster. All rights reserved.